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Le potenzialità intellettive nel bambino autistico

Author(s): Di Renzo M, Petrillo M, Bianchi di Castelbianco F


The assessment of cognitive skills is a fundamental piece of the diagnostic process which collects and integrates the sense of diagnosis. Assessing cognitive functions and their mani­ festations within the pervasive area of autism leads the cli­ nician to calibrate the assessment on the basis of the com­ municative implications and limitations expressed from this pathological area. The Leiter-R is a non-verbal cognitive as­ sessment instrument that unlike traditional IQ tests empha­ sizes fluid intelligence as a measure of a person's innate intelligence, that is not significantly influenced by social and educational aspects or learning. The cognitive assessment of a sample of 135 children with autism has allowed a bal­ anced blend of quantitative and qualitative aspects that can be solved both in the reliability of diagnosis and in the pos­ sibility of opening new horizons of reflection in the wider sce­ nario of autism's assessment The correlation with other di­ agnostic indicators has also allowed an enrichment of the eval­ uation and of the prognosis that permit to better target the therapeutic project.

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