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The Influence of Advertising Frequency on Attitude-Behaviour Consistency: A Memory Based Analysis

Author(s): Berger IE


Examined the influence of advertising on the relationship between attitudes and behavior. The paper suggests that advertising can strengthen the relationship between attitudes and subsequent behavioral choices by influencing the nature of the memory representations of attitude objects. 60 undergraduate students were exposed, either once or 3 times, to a set of advertisements for 5 brands of candy bars. The set of 5 ads either contained little information or a lot of information. The experiment demonstrates that moderate levels of exposure frequency can positively influence the number of brand associations in memory and the consistency between brand cognitions and summary evaluations. The experiment also shows that the amount of information provided can positively influence brand evaluations and negatively influence the proportion of self-generated inferences associated with advertised brands. Exposure frequency positively influences the strength of the relationship between stated attitudes and subsequent behavioral decisions, presumably through its influence on evaluative-cognitive consistency. The implications of these findings for advertising researchers and practitioners are high-lighted.

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