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The technique and practice of psycho-analysis

Author(s): Greenson RR


When I began psychoanalytic training, Ralph Greenson’s technique text was new. Greenson was himself already very well known for his scholarly contributions as well as for being analyst to Hollywood stars and the putative model for “Captain Newman, M.D.,” a World War II psychiatrist portrayed in the film version by Gregory Peck.

Volume One of The Technique and Practice of Psychoanalysis (1967) was a most welcome contribution. Prior to its issue only two works could claim the status of texts in the field of psychoanalytic technique. Glover’s volume (1955) was an updating of lecture notes compiled originally in 1928 before the maturing of the structural theory. Fenichel, Greenson’s own analyst, had written a brilliant monograph on technique in 1941. Each work provided a compendium of technical wisdom in the absence of a text by Freud.

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