Dermoid cyst of the spermatic cord in children

Author(s): Prada-Arias M, Ortiz-Rey JA, Fernández-Eire P, Montero-Sánchez M, Lema-Carril A


Most of inguinal masses in children correspond to inguinal indirect hernias, but other pathologic entities may be found. Dermoid cysts of the spermatic cord are very rare, with only 9 clear cases reported in the literature to date, all of them in adults. We present a case of dermoid cyst of the spermatic cord in a 2-year-old boy, the youngest patient reported so far. Dermoid cysts of the spermatic cord should be considered as part of the differential diagnosis of inguinal masses in children, especially in cases of long-standing, nontender, and irreducible inguinal mass.

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