Adsorption of aflatoxin B1 on montmorillonite

Author(s): Desheng Q, Fan L, Yanhu Y, Niya Z


The isothermal adsorption and the adsorptive mechanism of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) on calcium montmorillonite (Mont) were studied in vitro trials. The maximum amounts of AFB1 on Mont in aqueous solution at 2 and pH 8 were 613.5 and 628.9 microg of AFB1 /g of Mont, respectively. The structure of AFB1-Mont was measured by x-ray diffraction and infrared absorption spectrum. The results suggested that the mechanism of AFB1 on Mont was AFB1 sorbed onto the edge of Mont by a double hydrogen bond, and AFB1 molecules did not penetrate into the interlayer area of Mont. The Mont, when added to the diet of broiler chicken at 0.5%, significantly diminished the adverse effects of feeding 200 microg of AFB1 /kg of feed. And the concentrations of Ca, P, Cu, Fe, Zn in the broiler bones were not affected by AFB1 and Mont, but the concentrations of Mn, Pb, and F were decreased by Mont.

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