Anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective activity of saikosaponin-f and the root extract of Bupleurumjkaoi

Author(s): Yen MH, Lin CC, Chang CH, Lin SC


A mixture of B. kaoi saponins, containing saikosaponin-a, -d and -f, showed anti-inflammatory effect against carrageenan-induced plantar oedema in the rat. The crude saponin mixture and saikosaponin-f exhibited a dose-dependent inhibiting effect. Antihepatotoxic activity was investigated in rats intoxicated with beta-D-galactosamine. Except for saikosaponin-f, administration of the other compounds significantly reduced the sGOT and sGPT levels. Pathological changes in rat hepatocytes such as inflammatory infiltration around the portal area, focal necrosis in the liver parenchyma, and hyaline degeneration, have been improved in all drugs treated groups.

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