Clinical profile of the novel sulphonylurea glimepiride

Author(s): Rosskamp R, Wernicke-Panten K, Draeger E


Glimepiride is a new generation sulphonylurea being prudently characterized in more than 2000 NIDDM patients. It has a short onset of action and a long duration of action. The same pharmacodynamic effect as with traditional sulphonylureas is achieved with secretion of less insulin, suggesting a possible extrapancreatic action. Glimepiride is given once daily in doses from 1-8 mg/day. 100% absolute bioavailability and the absence of a food interaction guarantee highly reproducible pharmacokinetics. Glimepiride is a remarkably safe drug especially in NIDDM patients at high risk e.g. the renally impaired, elderly or physically very active person. Hypoglycemia is less frequent in the first weeks of treatment than with glibenclamide. Ongoing studies are investigating the possible beneficial clinical effect of its different binding behavior to the potassium channel, especially in the heart.

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