Comparative study of colombian citrus oils by high-resolution gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Author(s): Blanco Tirado C, Stashenko EE, Combariza MY, Martinez JR


Essential oils from fruit peel and leaves of colombian lemon (Citrus volkameriana), mandarin (C. reticulata) and orange (C. sinensis) were obtained by steam distillation and/or cold pressing. The extracts were analysed by high-resolution gas chromatography using either a flame ionization detector or a mass selective detector (electron impact ionization, 70 eV). The oil constituents were identified according to their mass spectra and Kova´ts retention indices determined on both polar and non-polar stationary phase capillary columns. The concentration of volatile secondary metabolites was maximum when the citrus fruits were at an intermediate maturation stage characterized by a greenish yellow coloration (45–75% green). While citrus peel oils contained from 94.01 to 98.66% of monoterpenes (C10H16), limonene as a major component and from 0.82 to 5.84% of oxygenated compounds, the extracts from citrus leaves contained only 65.26, 31.23 and 79.43% of monoterpenes (C10H16) in lemon, mandarin and orange, respectively. Oxygenated compounds in these oils represented 33.08, 68.47 and 16.38%, respectively.

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