Comparison of conventional and ultrasound-assisted extraction of carvone and limonene from caraway seeds

Author(s): Chemat S, Lagha A, AitAmar H, Bartels PV, Chemat F


Extraction experiments with hexane were carried out at atmospheric pressure in Soxhlet, conventional and ultrasound extractions of flaked caraway seeds, and detailed results are given for two major plant extract components, carvone and limonene. The results indicate that carvone yield and plant extract quality are better in ultrasound extraction compared to those given by conventional methodology. Extraction rates of carvone and limonene reported that ultrasound-assisted extraction was 1.3–2 times more rapid, depending on temperature, than a conventional system, according to the rate constant obtained during the initial 10 minutes of extraction. Moreover, the SEM micrographs provided more evidence for the mechanical effects of ultrasound, mainly appearing on cell walls and shown by the destruction of cells, faulitating the release of their contents, in contrast to conventional maceration or extraction, which involve diffusion of plant extracts across glandular walls and causing cell rupture over longer time periods. Copyright © 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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