Comparison of the Essential Oils of Prangos turcica A

Author(s): Ozek G, Ozek T, Baser KHC, Duran A , Sagiroglu M, et al.


The essential oils from fruits of Prangos turcica A. Duran, M. Sagiroglu et H. Duman were obtained by hydrodistillation (HD), microdistillation (MD), micro-steam distilled solid-phase microextraction (MSD-SPME) techniques and then analyzed by GC and GC/MS methods. The oils showed similar composition with some quantitative differences. The main components of the oils were found to be α-humulene, germacrene D, naphthalene, terpinolene, p-cymene, γ-elemene and bornyl acetate.

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