Comparison of the relative bioavailability of different coenzyme Q10 formulations with a novel solubilizate (Solu Q10)

Author(s): Schulz C, Obermüller-Jevic UC, Hasselwander O, Bernhardt J, Biesalski HK


The relative bioavailability of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is markedly influenced by its delivery systems. The aim of this study was to compare four standard CoQ10 supplements available on the market with a novel solubilizate formulation of CoQ10 (Solu Q10). Pharmacokinetic parameters were assessed in 54 healthy volunteers after single and multiple intakes of 60 mg CoQ10 over a time period of 14 days. Solubilizates showed earlier flooding compared with oily dispersions and crystalline CoQ10, resulting in significantly elevated area under the curve between 0 and 4 h (P<0.01 solubilizates versus crystalline). The difference in the pharmacokinetic parameters of maximum plasma concentration, time to reach the peak plasma concentration and area under the curve between 0 and 12 h was not statistically significant between formulations. Long-term supplementation resulted in significantly higher plasma levels (P<0.01) for all formulations, with Solu Q10 performing best. Intracellular CoQ10 levels measured in buccal mucosa cells were increased (P<0.05) in response to supplementation when starting within the physiological range. In summary, solubilizates were clearly superior to oily dispersions and crystalline CoQ10 in their overall bioavailability, with the best absorption characteristics seen for the novel Solu Q10 solubilizate.

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