Compendium of Indian Medicinal Plants (1970-1979)

Author(s): Rastogi RP, Melhothra BM


Synopsis This detailed treatise is written for botanists, chemists and biologists as companion volume to "Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants" by Chopra, Nayar & Chopra, and covers the ten-year period 1970-79. Volume 1 (1960-69) was published during February 1991. The format followed for Vol. 2 is similar to that of Vol. 1, i.e. the write-up on each plant also includes new type of data/information, viz. chemical structures of new compounds isolated and the biological work on pure constituents isolated from a plant. The first part of Vol. 2, like Vol. 1, presents the logistics of the write-up in an 'Explanatory Note', which is followed by the

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