Composition of the Aerial Part, Flower, Leaf and Stem Oils of EremostachysmacrophyllaMontbr

Author(s): Rustaiyan A, Masoudi S, Ezzatzadeh E, Akhlaghi H, Aboli J


The essential oils obtained by hydrodistillation of the flower, leaf and stem of Eremostachys macrophylla Montbr. & Auch., and aerial part and stem of Eremostachys labiosa Bunge. were analyzed by GC and GC -MS. The major compounds in the flower oil of E. macrophylla were 1,8-cineol (19.0 %) and germacrene D-4-ol (10.6 %), where as the leaf oil contained α-pinene (30.0 %), 1,10-di-epi cubenol (22.7 %), elemol (13.3 %) and bornyl acetate (11.0 %).The stem oil of the plant was dominated also by 1,10-di-epi cubenol (34.4 %) and elemol (24.0 %).The chief constituents found in the aerial part of E. labioa were 6,10,14-trimethyl 2-pentadecanone (22.3 %), 1,8-cineole (21.7 %) and α-pinene (16.5 %), while the main components identified in the stem oil were α-phellandrene (28.6 %), β-phellandrene (11.4 %), α-pinene (10.1%) and tetradecane (10.0%). The composition of both oils differs quantitatively and qualitatively.

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