Cosmeceuticals and Herbal drugs: practical uses

Author(s): Saha R


Traditional remedies and preparation used for the treatment of skin, or the folk preparations used for healing skin diseases are known to be as Cosmeceuticals and cosmetics. The desire of gook looking and to be beautiful gave a huge market for the cosmetics. This is not a new tradition for human to look good; it has been a long ancient follow through for both the sexes to be presentable by beauty. For now, the desire of both the sexes to look younger than there age, to be fare and charming have directly increased the demand of herbal cosmetics as well as of the Cosmeceuticals in the market. The herbal formulations have been the first choice of the customers. For the reason of being less side effective and thought to be more potent than the synthetic formulations. There has been a long use of turmeric and sandalwood to be applied of face for fairness and freshness. As like many other herbs are used in daily life to be called as cosmetics and the preparation from them to be called as Cosmeceuticals. The above article is an effort to describe clearly both the terms and the relation between them.

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