Cytotoxic activity of crude extracts from Astragaluschrysochilorus (Leguminosae)

Author(s): Karagoz A, Turgut-Kara N, Cakir O, Demirgan R, Ari S


In this study, cytotoxic activity of Astragalus chrysochlorus crude extracts was investigated. Hexane, chloroform, ethylacetate, 80 % ethanol and water extracts prepared from roots and stems of Astragalus chrysochlorus were tested for cytotoxic activity on Vero (V) cells using the MTT assay. MTT assay was used to evaluate the reduction of viability of cell cultures in the presence and absence of the extracts. Cell viability was inhibited to different extents by the extracts. The hexane-root and water-stem extracts of Astragalus chrysochlorus were not cytotoxic at 500 μg mL−1. Both the ethanol-stem and water-root extracts exhibited weak cytotoxic activity. The hexane-stem, chloroform-root and stem, ethylacetate root and stem or ethanol-root extracts showed stronger cytotoxic activity than the others. However, the chloroform-root extract exhibited the most effective cytotoxic activity at 500 μg mL−1 (70.3 %).

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