Determination of major carotenoid constituents in petal extracts of eight selected flowering plants in the north of Thailand

Author(s): Tinoi J, Rakariyatham N, Deming RL


The composition and concentration of carotenoids in fresh and dried petal extracts of selected flowers from four families Compositae, Bignoniaceae, Apocynaceae and Cannaceae, were separated and quantified by high performance liquid chromatography with photodiode array detection. The major carotenoids were identified and quantified by comparison with standard carotenoids. There are significant differences in the distribution percentages of the various carotenoid components depending on the color, nature, and particular variety of selected flowers. The highest amount of total carotenoids within this study was found in the family Compositae, especially in Tagetes erecta, Melampodium divaricatum and Cosmos bipinnatus, respectively. Six major carotenoids, b-carotene, b-cryptoxanthin, neoxanthin, lutein, violaxanthin, and zeaxanthin were found in some selected flowers. Lutein was found to be the main carotenoid component. It was presented in the largest amount in fresh and dried petal extracts in family Compositae, especially in the petal extract of T. erecta (83% and 88% w/w of total carotenoids in fresh and dried extracts), M. divaricatum (76% w/w of total carotenoids in both fresh and dried extracts) and C. bipinnatus (77% w/w of total carotenoids in both fresh and dried extracts). M. divaricatum and C. bipinnatus were found to be as potentially good and new alternative sources of carotenoids for the food industry.

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