Diabetes and metabolism: A review on role of plant(s) extracts and its phytochemicals for the management of Diabetes

Author(s): Govindappa M


The present review focused on plant extracts or phytochemicals role in diabetes management has been tried by many researchers. I have attempted to compile a list of total 419 plant species belongs to 133 families have been used for in-vitro and in-vivo studies. The plant extract or phytochemicals have involved in decreasing or increasing or stimulating different mechanisms in reducing diabetes and they have been listed in tabular form. By this review, few molecules are used in diabetes management and they possess molecular mechanisms or involved in signal transduction to initiate the insulin production or utilization of blood glucose level bring down to normal stage. The researchers have used different parts of the plant extracts or individual phytochemicalsfor antidiabetic activities. This review brings the researcher data on antidiabetic activities of different plant extracts role in reducing of diabetic problems.

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