Effect of chemical modifications caused by heat treatment on mechanical properties of Grevillearobusta wood

Author(s): Mburu F, Dumerçay S, Bocquet SF, Pétrissans M, Gérardin F


Grevillea robusta, a Kenyan wood species of low durability was heat treated under inert atmosphere in laboratory conditions at temperatures between 220 and 250 °C. Modulus of rupture (MOR) and modulus of elasticity (MOE) were determined for different heat treatment conditions. MOR and MOE reduced with increase in heat treatment weight loss. MOE reduced insignificantly for weight loss less than 16% while reduction of MOR was more significant. For a fixed heat treatment temperature by varying the treatment duration, sugar content was analysed by HPLC after acidic hydrolysis and Klason lignin was determined. The amount of sugars other than glucose decreased with treatment time and was near zero after 7 h, while lignin quantity increased gradually. Wood acidity determined by titration decreased after heat treatment indicating degradation of uronic acids present in hemicelluloses. Chemical modifications of wood components were determined by CP/MAS 13C NMR analysis. Spectra indicated significant degradation of hemicelluloses. Increase of treatment duration resulted in the appearance of new signals, particularly obvious on spectra of samples treated for 15 h, attributed to carbonaceous materials involved in char formation.

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