Effects of a- and b-arbutin on activity of

Author(s): Funayama M, Arakawa H, Yamamoto R, Nishino, Shin T, et al.


The effects of alpha- and beta-arbutin on the activity of tyrosinases from mushroom and mouse melanoma were examined. alpha-Arbutin was synthesized from hydroquinone and starch using glucoside synthetase (GSase). beta-Arbutin inhibited both tyrosinase activities from mushroom and mouse melanoma. alpha-Arbutin inhibited only the tyrosinase from mouse melanoma, 10 times as strongly as beta-arbutin. The IC50 of alpha-arbutin was 0.48 mM and its inhibitory mechanism was speculated to be mixed type inhibition, while that of beta-arbutin was noncompetitive.

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