Effects of fertilizer and drought stress on growth as well as flavonol glycosides and terpene lactone content of Ginkgo biloba seedlings

Author(s): Leng P, Su S, Li Y, Wang S, Jiang X


Results showed that VAM fungi、N、P fertilizer obviously increased uptake of N、P elements, improved growth, enhanced terpene lactone content, drought stress decreased leaf water potencial and terpene lactone content of ginkgo biloba seedlings, those negative effects might be compensated by infection of host plants with both VAM fungi in some extent. Biosynthesis and metabolize of terpene lactones of ginkgo biloba might be close relative to growth status of Ginkgo biloba seedlings. VAM fung;, N、P fertilizer drought stress had little effect on flavonol glycoside content of Ginkgo biloba.

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