Eugenol protects neuronal cells from excitotoxic and oxidative injury in primary cortical cultures

Author(s): Wie MB, Won MH, Lee KH, Shin JH, Lee JC, et al.


We examined the neuroprotective efficacy of eugenol against N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)-, oxygen-glucose deprivation-, and xanthine/xanthine oxidase-induced neurotoxicity in primary murine cortical cultures. Eugenol (100-300 microM) attenuated NMDA (300 microM)-induced acute neurotoxicity by 20-60%. At the same concentration range, eugenol also inhibited NMDA (300 microM)-induced elevation in neuronal 45Ca2+ uptake by 10-30%. In the oxygen-glucose deprivation (50 min) neurotoxicity, eugenol (100-300 microM) prevented acute neuronal swelling and reduced neuronal death by 45-60% in a concentration-dependent fashion. Oxidative neuronal injury induced by xanthine/xanthine oxidase was also significantly reduced (75-90%) by eugenol (100- 300 microM) addition. These results suggest that eugenol may play a protective role against ischemic injury by modulating both NMDA receptor and superoxide radical.

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