Evaluation of the bactericidal and trypanocidal activities of triterpenes isolated from the leaves, stems, and flowers of Lychnophorapinaster

Author(s): Viviane GCA, Jacqueline AT, Lucienir PD, Dorila P, Policarpo ASJ, et al.


The phytochemical investigation on the aereal parts of Lychnophora pinaster Mart., Asteraceae, was carried to isolation of triterpenes. 3-O-Acetyl-lupeol (1), 3-O-acetyl-pseudotaraxasterol (2), and 3-O-acetyl-α-amyrin (3) were isolated from hexanic extract and 4,4-dimethyl-cholesta-22,24-dien-5-ol (4), α-amyrin (5), and lupeol (6) were isolated from hexanic/dichlorometanic extract of the leaves. Compounds Δ7-bauerenyl acetate (7), friedelin (8), stigmasterol (9), and sitosterol (10) were isolated from the hexanic/dichlorometanic extract of the stems. The steroids 9 and 10 were also isolated from the hexanic/dichlorometanic extract of the flowers. Triterpenes 1, 3, 4, and 7 are described for the first time in the genus Lychnophora. The apolar fractions of the leaf and stem extracts and some isolated triterpenes showed low trypanocidal activity. Moreover, apolar fractions of the leaf and stem extracts and 5 showed antibacterial action against Staphylococcus aureus.

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