Evaluation of the calcium intake in population of Marrakesh and its region: 1000 cases

Author(s): Ouazara MA, Amineb M, Harifia G, Ouilkia I et al.


Objectives: The aim of our work is to evaluate the calcium intake in population of Marrakesh and its region by the translated version in Moroccan Arabic dialect of Fardellone questionnaire.

Subjects and methods: The version translated into Arabic dialect Fardellone questionnaire is tested on a sample of 1000 subjects. The subjects aged less than 15 years accounted for 30.9% (n=309), those aged 15 to 59 62% (n=620) and those aged over 60 years 7.1% (n=71). The distribution by age group is calculated on the distribution of the Moroccan population.

Results: The study population includes 60.6% women (n=606), 39.4% of men (n=394). The mean calcium intake was respectively 5875 mg by week (that means 839 mg/day), 4899 mg by week (that means 699 mg/day), 3053 mg by week (that means 436 mg/day), in subjects aged less than 15, those aged 15 to 59, and those aged over 60 years. The average consumption of calcium per day is significantly lower than the recommended daily amount for the three age groups. Patients aged over 60 years is the age group most under nourished calcium. The comparison of both gender found a deficit higher among women than among men.

Conclusion: Evaluation of the calcium intake is an essential tool for better management of metabolic bone diseases.

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