Extraction of anthocyanins from grape by-products assisted by ultrasonics, high hydrostatic pressure or pulsed electric fields: a comparison

Author(s): Corralesa M, Toepflb S, Butza P, Knorrc D, Tauschera B


Extracts from grape by-products contain bioactive substances such as anthocyanins which could be used as natural antioxidants or colourants. The effect of heat treatment at 70 °C combined with the effect of different emerging novel technologies such as ultrasonics (35 KHz), high hydrostatic pressure (600 MPa) (HHP) and pulsed electric fields (3 kV cm− 1) (PEF) showed a great feasibility and selectivity for extraction purposes. After 1 h extraction, the total phenolic content of samples subjected to novel technologies was 50% higher than in the control samples. Therefore, the application of novel technologies increased the antioxidant activity of the extracts being the extractions carried out with PEF four-fold, with HHP three-fold and with ultrasonics two-fold higher than the control extraction. In addition, the extraction of individual anthocyanins was studied showing a selective extraction based on the glucose moieties linked to the anthocyanidins; anthocyanin monoglucosides were better extracted by PEF, whereas the acylated ones were extracted by HHP.

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