Faster Recovery after Exercise with Phytochemicals Aimed at Mitochondrial Energy Turnover - A Double Blind Randomized Placebo Control Study in College Female Soccer Players

Author(s): Freye E, Strobel HP


In order to replenish energy stores after exercise we developed a nutraceutical containing ingredients that precisely fuel the ATP generating mitochondria thus resulting in a faster recovery after workout.To test the working hypothesis 18 healthy female college soccer players (mean age 18) enrolled in a short but extreme workout on the treadmill for 12 min as demonstrated in their rise in lactic acid. The volunteers were given an energy drink containing Q10-H2 (ubiquinol), NADH (nicotinamide-adenine-dinucleotide-hydride or Q1), ribose, eleutherosides B & E, Vit B2 & B3, passion flower and Vit E over a period of one week. Following a washout of 4 weeks a similar looking and tasting placebo solution was given in a double blind randomized crossover design. Heart rate recovery rate and systolic blood pressure demonstrated a significant faster return to base line than after placebo within the first 1-5 minutes following exercise. In addition, ATP regeneration capacity in leucocytes following washout of sodiumazide, a specific inhibitor at the mitochondrial electron transport complex V, was statistically higher (p < 0.05) in subjects after verum.The composition consisting of mitochondrial active substances, results in a higher synthesis rate of ATP, which coincided with a faster heart rate recovery rate after workout.

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