FTIR spectroscopy, chemical and histochemical characterization of wood and lignin of five tropical timber wood species of family of Dipterocarpacaea

Author(s): Rana R, Langenfeld-Heyser R, Finkeldey R, Polle A


The goal of this study was to characterise chemical and histochemical properties of five dipterocarp timber wood species (Dipterocarpus kerrii, Hopea plagata, Parashorea malaanoman, Shorea almon, and Shorea contorta) differing in wood service life and utilisation. Wood of H. plagata, the most durable species, contained the lowest concentrations of nitrogen and ligno-protein, the highest C/N ratio and the lowest lignin concentration per dry mass but the highest lignin and extractive concentrations per wood density. FTIR spectroscopic studies of wood and isolated lignins of D. kerrii and H. plagata revealed differences compared to P. malaanoman and Shorea sp., which are species with short service life. Lignins of the Shorea/Parashorea species had a higher G/S ratio than those of H. plagata and D. kerrii. This was also evident from histochemical staining. Principle component analysis of FTIR spectra identified differences in both lignin composition and ligno-protein content as major source of variation.

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