Inhibitory effects of Broccolini leaf flavonoids on human cancer cells

Author(s): Wang B, Zhang X


Broccolini (Brassica oleracea Italica × Alboglabra) is a hybrid between broccoli and Gai Lan, also known as Chinese broccoli and Chinese kale. The aim of this study was to assess the antitumor activity of Broccolini leaf flavonoids (BLF). Cell growth inhibition was evaluated using a standard colorimetric MTT assay, cellular morphology was observed using phase contrast microscopy and flow cytometry was introduced to further investigate cells apoptosis effect. The results showed that BLF possess a dose-dependent antiproliferative effects on four human cancer cell lines (SW480, HepG2, Hela, and A549) and apoptosis induction activity on SW480 cell line. Thus, the hybrid species Broccolini could be considered as a functional vegetable with potential in assisting for the treatment of four human cancers examined here.

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