Lead levels in argentine market wines

Author(s): Roses OE, Gonzalez DE, Lopez CM, Pinerio AE, Villamil EC


Blood lead levels (PbB), δ -ALA dehydratase activity (ALAD) and erythrocytic protoporphyrin (EPP) values were studied in heavy wine and spirit drinkers. Results were compared in both groups and with a control group (teetotalers). Results in all cases are expressed as arithmetic means ±sd. PbB values found in the three groups were statistically different inter se: wine group, 195 ± 82 μgl−1; spirits group, 159 ± 69 μgl−1; teetotalers, 72 ± 43 μgl−1. ALAD was significantly lower in the drinker groups (wine 26.9 ± 11.4 U l−1and spirits 28.3 ± 11.6 U l−1)vs the control group (48.3 ± 13.5 U l−1). Differences in EPP levels in the three groups were only significant between the teetotaler and the wine drinker groups. Our findings indicate that, in heavy drinkers (more than 2 liters of wine per day), not only are lead levels increased in the blood but there are also biochemical alterations that affect the heme biosynthetic pathway, which should be taken into account in treatment for alcoholics.

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