Lectotypification of Sambucuschinensis (Caprifoliaceae) and a new variety from Hunan, China

Author(s): Hu G, Long C, Murrell G, Liu K


Lectotypification is provided here for Sambucus chinensis Lindley (Caprifoliaceae), and the rare, new variety, S. chinensis var. pinnatilobatus G. W. Hu, from Hunan province in China, is described and illustrated from two populations. It differs from S. chinensis var. chinensis in leaflet shape, fruit and pyrene size, and the adaxial epidermis of the leaf blades. The new variety's leaflets on imparipinnate leaves are pinnatipartite or pinnatisect and some leaflet lobes are irregularly pinnatilobate; fruit diameters range from 3.3–3.8 mm (average 3.5 mm); pyrene lengths range from 1.5–1.9 mm (average 1.7 mm); and the epidermal cells of the adaxial leaf surface are irregularly shaped, with sinuous or sinuate anticlinal walls. In comparison, the autonymic variety's leaflets on imparipinnate leaves are not lobed and have serrate margins; fruit diameters range from 4.0–4.8 mm (average 4.3 mm); pyrene lengths range from 2.1–2.5 mm (average 2.2 mm); and the epidermal cells of the adaxial leaf surface are polygonal, with straight or arched anticlinal walls. A chromosome number of 2n = 36 is reported for the new variety.

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