Lethal and sublethal effects of thyme oil (Thymus vulgaris L

Author(s): Pavela R


Insecticidal activity of thyme oil was screened against the housefly (M. domestica) under laboratory conditions. The aim of this study was to research the toxic effects of the thyme oil on House fly larvae and adults and the effects of the thyme oil sublethal doses on vitality and fecundity adults and on the F1 generation vitality. In comparison with the female and larvae, the male flies were more sensitive in the contact application. The application of sublethal doses to the adults of the housefly has significantly decreased the longevity of both sexes. Generally, it was determined that the natural mortality of 50% of the treated adults occurs on the 5th - 7th day, to the contrary of 18th -19th day on which occurs the natural mortality of the non-treated adults. The natality was decreased by 76%-81%, in comparison to the control test in which either sex or, female flies only, were treated with the test agent. Thereby, the most significant mortality (more than 80%) was seen with larvae which emerged from eggs which were laid by the treated female flies. These larvae were non-vital, their pupae were significantly smaller and the survived pupae had a much higher mortality.

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