Level of awareness and extent of utilization of the ten medicinal plants approved by the department of health

Author(s): Alpuerto AFT, Bangaysiso A,Galang V, Maquiling L, Taylor,et al.,


The study aimed to determine the level of awareness and extent of utilization of the ten medicinal plants approved by the DOH. It also delved into the problems experienced by the selected residents in the utilization of medicinal plants. There were ten respondents included because they qualified in the inclusion criteria as having 3-5 medicinal plants in their environment and non-working mothers. The study was conducted in Sitio Sili-Sili, Barangay Pagatpat. The respondents’ sources of information on the DOH approved medicinal plants were the traditional healers, family members and relatives, BHWs, students and neighbors. The parts of the medicinal plants used in the preparation are fresh leaves, garlic cloves, and fruit. The methods of preparation were pounding / crashing of fresh leaves and garlic cloves, boiling of leaves, soaking in a glass of water, slicing of garlic cloves, and heating of leaves. The methods of application were oral / drinking, rubbing to the affected area of the body, and washing the affected area. The duration of ranged from short durations 2 days to 2 months and the longer duration covered 3 months to one year. The respondents’ level of awareness of the medicinal plants approved by the DOH accounted to sixty percent as they are aware of the indication, dosage, and preparation of six plants, such as akapulko, ampalaya, bawang, bayabas, lagundi, and sambong. They are not aware of the other four medicinal plants. They utilized the medicinal plants which they are aware of four specific common diseases/ailments which they experienced. However, they are also utilizing other medicinal plants, such as ABC, kalabo, atay-atay, and tawa-tawa. This scenario led them to be worried because they found these plants effective in treating common ailments, but consequently, they felt a need for further awareness and knowledge of the other medicinal plants which they are not aware of.