Mechanical transport of rotavirus by the legs and wings of Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae)

Author(s): Tan SW, Yap KL, Lee HL


Factors affecting the mechanical transmission of rotavirus by the legs and wings of the housefly, Musca domestica L., were examined in a laboratory study. Rotavirus was picked up when houseflies walked on thin smears of clarified rotavirus suspensions. The addition of glycerol, which increased viscosity of the virus suspension, and particulate human feces slightly increased the proportion of flies contaminated with virus. However, the addition of glycerol greatly reduced the average number of virus particles picked up per fly, whereas feces greatly increased the number of particles. The proportion of flies with virus-contaminated legs, which transferred virus to > 1 contact surface, was increased by longer contact time with the surface and when the contact surface was agar instead of glass. Most virus particles were deposited on 1st contact with the surface. Most flies dislodged virus particles inoculated on the underside of their wings soon after the start of simulated flight. Our data indicated that the nature of the virus-suspending medium has a greater effect on the level of virus contamination than on the ability to become contaminated. The importance of walking as a mode of virus transport depends on the nature of the contact surface, the risk of the contaminated fly settling first on a surface likely to come into contact with humans, and fly numbers.

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