Medicinal plants used by the population assisted by the “Programa de Saúde da Família” (Family Health Program) in Governador Valadares County-MG, Brazil

Author(s): Brasileiro BG, Pizziolo VR, Matos DS, Germano AM, Jamal CM


This study was conducted to evaluate the use of medicinal plants by the population assisted by the "Programa de Saúde da Família" in Governador Valadares -MG, in order to rescue, preserve and use this knowledge in works carried out with the community. The preestablished questionnaire methodology was used. Those questionnaires were applied by the Family Health Agents. The study was accomplished in 27 residential quarters, as being applied 2454 questionnaires, and 232 plants were mentioned as medicinal ones by the interviewed population. The main indications for using the medicinal plants were: as sedatives (10%), against influenza (18%) and infections (9%). Most plants under use are prepared as tea (78%) and are obtained in own cropping (57%). In general, the knowledge on the use and preparation of the medicinal plants proceeded from their relatives (67%). Most mentioned and popularly used species have pharmacological activity already proven in the literature. However, this population needs a correct orientation on their cropping and therapeutic use.

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