Phenolics of mycorrhizas and non-mycorrhizal roots of Norway spruce

Author(s): Munzenberger B, Heilemann J, Strack D, Kottke I, Oberwinkler F


The occurrence and amount of soluble and insoluble phenolics in mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal roots of Picea abies (L.) Karst, were investigated, p-Hydroxybenzoic acid glucoside, picein, piceatannol and its glucoside, isorhapontin, catechin and ferulic acid could be identified by high-performance liquid chromatography in mycorrhizas of Picea abies-Lactarius deterrimus and Picea abies-Laccaria amethystea. Both types were collected from axenic cultures and the latter also from a spruce stand. The same phenolics occurred in non-mycorrhizal short roots from sterile cultures. However, the amounts of p-hydroxybenzoic acid glucoside, picein, catechin and cell wall-bound ferulic acid were considerably reduced in mycorrhizas from axenic culture, whereas the hydroxystilbenes piceatannol, its glucoside and worhapontin were not significantly reduced. Pure mycelia of Laccaria amethystea (Bull.) Murr, and Lactarius deterrimus Gröger were also analysed for phenolic compounds. Both fungal species contained none of the identified phenolics. The results are discussed with respect to mycorrhization in different mycorrhizal types.

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