Preliminary Phytochemical and pharmacognostic studies of Holoptelea integrifolia Roxb

Author(s): Benjamin JRKP, Chritopher PKS


Systematic and detailed pharmacognostical studies have been performed on an important medicinal plant, Holoptelea integrifolia Roxb. (Ulmaceae). This species is used traditionally for the treatment of edema, diabetes, leprosy, skin diseases, intestinal disorders and piles. The present investigation deals with the internal structures of the leaf and stem, which have been studied and photographed. Fluorescence characteristics of the leaf and stem powder and the extracts of the leaves in various solvents have been compared along with quantitative values, ash values and extractive values. Preliminary phytochemical screenings of the extracts leaf and stem have also been performed and results are recorded and discussed. In conclusion, the macroscopic and microscopic characters, fluorescence analysis, physico-chemical determination and preliminary phytochemical screening can be used as a diagnostic tool in the correct identification of the plants. The adulterants if any present in these plants can also easily identified by the above studies.

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