Processing stability of squalene in amaranth and antioxidant potential of amaranth extract

Author(s): Tikekar RV, Ludescher RD, Karwe MV


The processing stability of squalene in amaranth and the antioxidant capacity of the oil-rich fraction of amaranth were studied. The processes investigated were continuous puffing and roasting. Puffing was carried out using a single screw extruder, while roasting was carried out in a convection oven. High-performance liquid chromatography was used to quantify squalene content before and after processing. The L-ORAC method was used to study the antioxidant activity of pure squalene and lipophilic amaranth extract containing squalene. It was found that squalene was stable during all of the processing operations with a maximum loss of 12% during roasting (150 degrees C, 20 min) and no loss during puffing. The L-ORAC test showed pure squalene to be a weak antioxidant, whereas the lipophilic extract of amaranth showed higher antioxidant activity as compared to pure squalene at the same concentration, suggesting that tocotrienols and other minor ingredients also played a role as antioxidants.

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