Protective effect of dietary phytochemicals against arsenite induced genotoxicity in mammalian V79 cells

Author(s): Roy M, Sinha D, Mukherjee S, Paul S, Bhattacharya RK


Chronic arsenic exposure causes skin diseases, gastrointestinal and neurological disorders, diabetes and cancer in various organs. Oxidative stress associated with arsenic exposure cause genetic instabilities and may initiate carcinogenesis. Phytochemicals present in vegetables, fruits, spices, tea, and medicinal plants, have shown to suppress experimental carcinogenesis in various organs. The aim of the present study was to elucidate the protective effect of some of the phytochemicals against the arsenite induced DNA damage in normal mammalian V79 cells. Comet assay was used for assessment of DNA damage and 2', 7'-dichlorofluorescein dihydroacetate for estimation of ROS generated by arsenite. The effect of the phytochemicals was observed during simultaneous treatment with arsenic, before arsenite exposure and during repair experiments. Of all the phytochemicals tested against arsenic, curcumin gave better protection during simultaneous treatment and resveratrol during pre treatment, which was evident both from comet assay and ROS generation experiments. During pre treatment a longer duration of treatment with lower dose of phytochemicals proved fruitful in reducing the genotoxicity. During repair experiments the phytochemicals enhanced recovery of DNA damage and ellagic acid gave promising results. The results indicated that natural phytochemicals may have the efficacy in reducing arsenic induced genotoxicity, in scavenging ROS and in enhancing the process of DNA repair in V79 cells.

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