Psychiatric Aspects of a Case with Deadly Nightshade Intoxication

Author(s): Fidan T, Kirpinar I


Atropa Belladona is a poisonous plant called deadly nightshade. Agitation, ataxia, delirium, hallucinations, choreoathetotic movements, drowsiness, convulsions, or coma are symptoms of the central nervous system related to intoxication with Atropa Belladonna. In plant intoxication, some cases psychiatric symptoms are more prevalent so that they are admitted to psychiatry first rather than the emergengy department. In children who are admitted to psychiatry clinics with acute psychotic symptoms, especially in the summer, must be investigated for potential plant related poisoning. We report a 8-year-old boy with deadly nightshade poisoning to emphasize the importance of investigations for plant related intoxication symptoms in the diff erential diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. (JAEM 2011; 10: 86-8)

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