Relative Bioavailability of coenzyme Q10 formulations in human subjects

Author(s): Chopra RK, Goldman R, Sinatra ST, Bhagavan HN


The relative bioavailability of typical commercially available forms of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) was compared with that of Q-Gel, a new solubilized form of CoQ10, in human subjects in two separate trials. In the first, standard softgel capsules containing CoQ10 suspension in oil, powder-filled hardshell capsules and powder-based tablets were tested along with Q-Gel using a daily dosage of 120 mg for three weeks. The baseline plasma CoQ10 values were all very tight (0.50-0.52 microgram/mL) and after three weeks the values were 1.37, 1.63 and 1.60 micrograms/mL for the first three products and 3.31 micrograms/mL for Q-Gel. The relative bioavailability calculated using the areas under the plasma CoQ10 curve (AUC) were (micrograms/mL x time in days) 7.16 (100%), 8.97 (125%), 9.19 (128%) and for Q-Gel 22.86 (319%). The second trial, carried out to replicate the findings in the first, employed only two groups, namely the standard softgel capsules containing the suspension and Q-Gel, and the duration was extended to four weeks. Plasma CoQ10 values were: baseline 0.40 and 0.38 and after four weeks 1.26 and 2.80; the corresponding AUCs were: 8.33 (100%) and 22.75 (273%). Thus, the data from both the trials show that Q-Gel, the new solubilized form of CoQ10, is vastly superior to typical commercially available preparations of CoQ10. This means much lower doses of Q-Gel will be required to rapidly reach and maintain adequate blood CoQ10 values than with any of the other currently available products.

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