Review on ethno botany and psychopharmacology of Cordiadichotoma

Author(s): Hussain N, Kakoti BB


Cordia dichotoma

is a tree of tropical and

subtropical regi

ons.It grows in




tract and outer ranges,

ascending up

to about 1500 m elevation. Native:


Nepal. As a

qualitative assay, for the presence of the plant phytoconstituents such as

carbohydrates, alkaloids, glycosides,flavonoids, tannins an

d saponins. Various parts of this plant such as leaves,root as, seed,

bark and fruit, possess immunomodulator, antidiabetic, anthelmintic,

antiulcer and as a,antilarvicidal and hepatoprotective


Various phytopharmacological evaluations have bee

n reported in this literature for the important potential of the

Cordia dichotoma

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