Structure and actions of saikosaponins isolated from Bupleurumfalcatum L

Author(s): Yamamoto M, Kumagai A, Yamamura Y


Anti-inflammatory action of saikosaponins isolated from the root of Bupleurum falcatum L were examined using female albino rats. The anti-exudative action by granuloma pouch method and the antigranulomatous action by cotton pellet method were demonstrated with i.m. and oral administrations of saikosaponins. The oral administration of saikosaponins in 10 times the dosage of i.m. injection showed almost the same effect. Among saikosaponins isolated from Bupleurum falcatum, saikosaponins a and d, not c, were demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory action. The relationship between structure and action of saikosaponins was discussed. No changes in body weight, adrenal weight, plasma-11-OH-corticosteroid level and hematocrit value were observed.

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