Studies on chemical constituents of Swertia mussotii

Author(s): Zhang JS, Wang XM, Dong XH, Yang HY, Li GP


Objective: To study the chemical constituents of Swertia mussotii.

Methods: The constituents were isolated by various column chromatography methods, and their structures were identified by physico-chemical properties and spectral analysis.

Results: Eleven compounds were isolated and identified as 1,3, 8-trihydroxy-7-methoxyxanthone (I), 2,8-dihydroxy-1,6-dimethyoxyxanthone (II), 1,8-dihydroxy-2,6-dimethoxyxanthone (III), 1,2,8-trimethoxyxanthone (IV), 1,3,5,6-tetrohyroxyxanthone (V), 1,8-dihydroxy-3,7-dimethoxyxanthone (VI), beta-daucosterol (VII), clerosterol 3beta-O-[6'-o-hydro-benzene-beta-D-glucoside] (VIII), ursolicacid (IX), 3beta,28-dihydroxylup-20 (29) -ene (X), erythrocentaurin (XI).

Conclusion: Compounds VIII, IX and X are isolated from Swertia mussotii for the first time.

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