Teneur en composés phénoliques de 10 plantes médicinales employées dans la tradithérapie de l’hypertension artérielle, une pathologie émergente en Côte d’Ivoire

Author(s): N’Guessan AHO, Déliko CED, Mamyrbékova-Bekro JA, Békro YA


With a view to contributing to the enhancement of medicinal plants from the Ivorian flora, this work was initiated in order to study the influence of temperature on the phytochemical composition and the antioxidant and anticariogenic activities of Cocos nucifera L. by the study of the envelope of its fruit. For this purpose, maceration, digestion at 50°C and 70°C, and decoction were carried out to provide 4 extracts respectively TA, TB, TC, TD, which were subjected to phytochemical and anticariogenic tests. Phytochemical screening indicated the coexistence of coumarins, flavonoids, steroids, terpenes and tannins. However, this composition varies depending on the type of extraction. Then, the evaluation of the antioxidant activity vis-à-vis DPPH showed good activity of the extracts. The greatest activity was observed with the TC extract (EC50 = 2.56). Finally, the study of the antibacterial potential revealed that the extracts are all bactericidal against the cariogenic strains tested. Keywords: Phytochemistry; Temperature; Cocos nucifera; DPPH; Streptococcus mutans

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