The practical evaluation of phytopharmaceuticals

Author(s): Brain KR, Turner TD


Objective: Phytochemical screening and HPTLC ngerprinting of different extracts of rhizomes. Alpinia galanga
Materials and methods: Powdered dried rhizomes of was successively extracted with petroleum Alpinia galanga
ether, chloroform and methanol. All extracts were qualitatively tested for presence of different chemical constituents.
All extracts were run on HPTLC plates by using suitable solvent system and reports number of components with Rf
values. The tests conrmed the presence of phytosterols, trpenoids and xed oils in petroleum ether extract. Results:
Chloroform extract conrmed the presence of alkaloids, and glycosides while methanol extract give positive test for
tannins, avonoids, amino acids and carbohydrates. The HPTLC method is used for qualitative and Conclusion:
quantitative evaluation of herbal drug products. This method will be useful to standardized the product and impurity
determination in and related products. HPTLC ngerprinting of different extracts were also conrmed Alpinia galanga
the concentration of major compounds present in different extracts. Such nger printing is also applicable in
differentiating the species from the adulterant and act as biochemical markers for in the Alpinia galanga
pharmaceutical products.

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