Ultrasound-assisted extraction of bioactive principles from plants and their constituents

Author(s): Vinatoru M, Toma M, Mason TJ


Bioactive compounds in cash crops can be obtained from horticulture, oil and medicinal crops sources. Conventional extraction methods have disadvantages such as low extraction rate, large solvent consumption, high energy consumption and long production cycle. Ultrasonic-assisted extraction is a novel, green and rapid developing technology, which is suitable for up scaling and improving the extraction efficiency of bioactive compounds. Ultrasound mainly acts by producing cavitation bubbles in biological matrix. It has inclusively been reported for achieving high yields and extraction rates of bioactive compounds. Moreover, it can bring remarkable economic and environmental benefits, and has great potential for development and application. This review summarizes the mechanisms, effects of ultrasonic-assisted extraction, ultrasonic devices, and their application in bioactive compounds extraction from cash crops. The future perspective of ultrasound technology is also discussed, which will help to better understand the complex mechanism of ultrasonic-assisted extraction and further guide its application in cash crops.

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