Ultrasound-assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from strawberries prior to liquid chromatographic separation and photodiode array ultraviolet detection

Author(s): Herrera MC, Luque de Castro MD


Ultrasound-assisted extraction was used for the determination of phenolic compounds present in strawberries. The optimization study of the extraction was carried out using spiked samples (100 mg/kg). The sample immersed in an aqueous solution containing hydrochloric acid (0.4 M) was sonicated for 2 min (duty cycle 0.2 s, output amplitude 20% of the nominal amplitude of the converter, applied power 100 W with the probe placed 1cm from the bottom of the water bath and 5 cm from the walls of the precipitate glass). Subsequent separation was carried out by liquid chromatography (LC) with photodiode array UV detection. Calibration curves using the standard addition in green strawberries typically gave linear dynamic ranges of 2-300 mg/l for all analytes; R(2) values exceeded 0.996 in all cases. The method was applied to two types of strawberries to demonstrate the applicability of the proposed method, which is much faster and produces less analyte degradation than methods as solid-liquid, subcritical water and microwave-assisted extraction.

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