Wild bitter gourd extract up-regulates mRNA expression of PPARα, PPARg and their target genes in C57BL/6J mice

Author(s): Chao CY, Yin MC, Huang CJ


Ethnopharmacological relevance: Wild bitter gourd (Momordica charantia Linn. var. abbreviata ser.) was commonly used as a medicinal herb in Asia, Africa, and South America because of its anti-diabetic, antibacterial, anti-viral, and chemopreventive functions.

Materials and methods: C57BL/6J mice were orally administered with 250, 500 or 1000mg/kg BW of WBGE in 0.2mL/mouse of olive oil daily for 2 weeks.

Results: Compared to control (vehicle treated) mice, mice receiving WBGE showed significantly higher PPARα, ACO (acyl-CoA oxidase) and L-FABP (liver-fatty acid binding protein) mRNA expression, ACO activity and protein in the liver (P<0.05), as clofibrate-treated mice. WBGE treatment also resulted in significantly higher PPARγ and LPL (lipoprotein lipase) mRNA (P<0.05) in the epididymal adipose tissue. Liver triglyceride and non-esterified fatty acid concentration in WBGE treated mice were significantly lower than those of control mice (P<0.05). Plasma adiponectin level was significantly higher in mice receiving WBGE than in control mice (P<0.05), as the rosiglitazone treated mice.

Conclusion: Results of this study demonstrated that WBGE also activates PPARα and PPARγ signaling pathway in vivo.

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