A rare case report of Sjögren’s Syndrome in a young female with clinicosonographical characterization

Author(s): Ottoman B, Ali R


Sjögren syndrome (SS) is an autoimmune epithelitis characterized by lymphocytic glandular infiltration and various extraglandular manifestations. SS is usually encountered in middle-aged females (>50 years). Immunological, viral, hereditary, environmental and hormonal etiologic factors are controversially proposed with regard to the pathogenesis of SS with no upper hand given. The present study reports an atypical case of SS in a 25-year-old female who was closely followed up for three years. Being pregnant in 2015, SS ran a total remission course but did relapse more aggressively after delivery. Immunologically implicating, the possible interpretation, which may account for such a pathological fluctuation, is also tackled.

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