Bilateral testicular germ cell tumors

Author(s): Terenziani M, Spreafico F, Gotti G, Biasoni D, Piva L, et al.


Four thousand new cases of soft tissue sarcomas are diagnosed each year in France, 23% of which are localized in the abdomen and pelvis; the treatment of non-metastatic tumor is based on wide surgical resection, the quality of which determines the long-term outcome. To ensure appropriate care, the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) recommends that any patient with an unexplained soft tissue mass (of any size for deep lesions or of >5 cm for superficial lesions) be referred to a specialized center with capacities for multidisciplinary team decision; appropriate imaging should be performed prior to treatment and a percutaneous image-guided needle biopsy should be routinely performed. In France, clinical and pathology networks (NetSarc and RRePS) currently offer patients a structured means to make a systematic diagnosis of soft tissue sarcoma and help to provide access to appropriate treatment in a specialized center.

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