Endobronchial tumor debulking with a flexible cryoprobe for immediate treatment of malignant stenosis

Author(s): Schumann C, Hetzel M, Babiak AJ, Hetzel J, Merk T, et al.



In addition to use of a laser, argon plasma coagulation, electrocautery, or coring with a rigid bronchoscope, tumor debulking with a flexible cryoprobe is used for therapeutic bronchoscopy with an immediate effect for endobronchial pathologies. We performed this analysis to determine the usefulness, efficacy, and safety of the flexible cryorecanalization in a large population under routine conditions.


We identified 225 bronchoscopic interventions that were done as cryorecanalization with a flexible cryoprobe. All patients had symptomatic airway stenosis. We determined the endoscopic success rate and safety (bleeding and perforation) of the procedure.

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